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Thursday, 28 May 2015 00:00

Holiday Home Work


HOME -WORK ----HOME WORK...Uff yeah homework

Holidays are approaching and teachers are busy in preparing the assignments for summer holidays. Let’s try to follow some basic ways to make THE HOMEWORK a fun task for the kids

Like most families, you and the kids are probably looking forward to a break from the normal hectic routine. No rushed mornings, and lots of downtime spent with loved ones. While your holiday to-do list may include baking, swimming, extra-curricular activities and travelling, there’s one to-do item that shouldn’t be overlooked this holiday season: LEARNING. Scheduling holiday learning keeps kids on track academically, maintains school habits, and helps make the transition back-to-school post-holiday that much smoother. It helps in reinforcing the learning of the classroom and also gives ample time to the kids to explore and research more on the ongoing themes. As Newton’s laws are applied everywhere to understand the motion. The laws here will help parents and children to have learning time the most enjoyable time of the day. Let’s make their study time so interesting that they should look forward for it.

Law #1

Remove the word homework from vocabulary. Make it a learning\study time. This will also help the kids in learning something in absence of homework.

Law #2

Parents cannot insist the kids to do their homework, they can assist by sending positive invites to the kids. Avoid power struggle during learning time. Your child needs guidance from you, don’t try to cross the hair line difference of guidance and over functioning. As a parent we should understand that guidance does not mean doing his spelling homework for him. Rather, it’s helping him review his words.

Law #3

Make a proper schedule. It should be followed religiously from parents end. Kids may resist to follow the routine, but persistence and perseverance are the keys here. But at the same time keep the schedule predictable and easy. Give them some five minute warning time before making them to sit for study time. Avoid last minute assignment completion as it hampers the creativity of a kid. Give them break during learning time and it can be in a form of five minute dance, some yoga pose or running around, you can also join them to burn some calories.

Law #4

Replace materialistic and external awards with encouraging verbal word of appreciation. Rewards can be inclusion of physical activities. Baking is another great way to incorporate these skills, as well as sharpen their math abilities. Ask your kids to help you out by measuring ingredients and reading recipes to help them practice regular school activities. Different craft activities can be planned. Eg. Organizer can be made out of waste and can be used while during homework.


Form a quiet, neat and colourful learning station for the kids to do learning time. All the required stationary and other items should be arranged and available beforehand. Try to reduce noisy and external disturbance during learning time. Arrange a place for them, like a small notice board, hanging rope to showcase their learnings and creations (like paintings, cards, poems).

So gear up for the holidays and learning time and make these vacations the most memorable ones.