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Saturday, 20 December 2014 00:00

Kids Concentration

Effective ways to improve Concentration in children

It is said “The ability to concentrate and to use time well is everything."

It’s our duty as parents and teachers to help them develop self-discipline and teach them effective focus strategies and concentration skills at an early age which is the basis for long term success in life.

There are some effective techniques to help the child and it pays to start as early as possible.

• Set a routine, daily goals and try and follow them as much as possible. It really helps in motivating children. Let the older sibling and yourself set an example by following a routine in your daily life.

• Try and manage distractions. Like setting down a rule that no phone, music and screen time etc. till the homework is done. Total silence is not required as studies have shown that some kind of music help people concentrate better. You can test it with your kid as to what kind makes him\her work better.

• Meditation (preferable techniques) along with soothing music will help in increasing the attention span and hence the focus.

• Show by example. You do your homework too. If possible use this time to quietly do your work as well. Children tend to pick up habits from elders. So try to limit the use of phones and other gadgets yourself as much as possible during that time.

• Create a designated place that has least amount of traffic within the house for working. A place for independent study perhaps a quite corner.

• Rewards can be controversial but the fact remains that humans respond well to positive reinforcements. You can use them to motivate them.

• Create or set up a board or chart. For every successfully completed assignment post a star on the chart. Review it at a regular stipulated intervals and reward according to the number of stars earned. Reward could be any thing ranging from a favorite meal to an extra time on the internet.

• Sometimes the reason for lack of concentration could be physiological. So make sure your child is well rested and fed before starting his or her day.

• Introduce sequencing and organization. The link between them is a strong one and activities like following a recipes, setting a table putting things in alphabetical order work great with children with concentration issues.

And lastly remember that any skill like concentration can be improved with practice. Also that every child is different and you as a parent is the best judge of what is best for your child. HAPPY PARENTING